Rick Unvarsky Consulting Services, Inc.




RUCS was the LEED Administrator and LEED Commissioning Authority for this new four story, 32,000 square foot, core and shell office building, located one block from the very trendy University Ave retail district in Palo Alto, CA. The project, originally with a goal of LEED-CS silver certification, exceeded client expectations and was awarded gold certification in April, 2010.  Unusually sophisticated for this size of building, the HVAC infrastructure consists of a water-cooled chiller, heating hot water boiler system, ventilation supply fan and exhaust fans.  The tenant build out consists of four-pipe fan coils.  The core and shell phase of the project did not include shell build-out, thus commissioning required special valving for false loading of the chilled water and heating water systems.  The penthouse is a residential unit and is equipped with radiant floor heating and air conditioning.  The project also includes photo voltaic panels on the roof, underground parking, high efficiency plumbing fixtures, and many sustainable materials.